Product Storytelling via Advanced PIM Platforms

April 24, 2017 posted by Vani

Product information management (PIM) is a multi-discipline approach to the clear and effective management, and transmission, of information needed to market and sell your brand, products, and services via a multitude of distribution channels. A powerful standard model PIM strategy to promote a product data is used to broadcast information to websites, print magazines, enterprise resource planning systems, as well as electronic data feeds to a firm's trading partners.

The challenge faced by companies who require a robust PIM system strategy is the need to publish critical sales data to many geographic locations, using multi-lingual messaging, the maintenance of product information as well as the modification of that information within the scope of a centralized product data catalog.

VINIEO Product Storytelling via Advanced PIM Platforms

The Information your business curates can be scattered over many departments or held on to by employees and systems- rather than being available in a centralized location- where you need it most. Your important data might be stored in numerous formats, or it may be available only in a limited amount of copies. That information might be needed to create detailed product descriptions and price scales, or to calculate shipping and freight costs. PIM represents a broad array of approaches to the centralized and media-independent maintenance of that data, as well as the efficient collection, management, optimization and transmission of your critical sales information.

Here at VINIEO, we understand how important it is to you that your product sales information is transmitted and shared in an accurate, robust, and compelling way. That's why our unique cloud service has been carefully designed by leaders in product information management to deliver a powerful PIM solution for your business.

We take product information management very seriously. For this reason, we've developed a sweeping and comprehensive list of advanced tools for the storage, optimization, and transmission of your product data with the goal of delivering compelling sales-oriented content to your business partners, clients, and prospects.

Our Comprehensive PIM Toolkit Includes:

  • Cloud Based Product Content Management.
  • Product Information Management.
  • Ecommerce Content Management.
  • Omni channel Product Publishing.
  • Digital Asset Management.
  • B2B & B2C Ecommerce Solutions.
  • Shopping Data Feed Management.
  • Catalog Publishing

How it Works

While our list of services might be a lot to take in, these are just the tools we use to accomplish the one essential thing your firm's data requires- clarity. We achieve this clarity via a one of a kind process that few other PIM developers can match.

  • Importing Data : We store your data in a way that is robust and secure.
  • Classification and Organization : The taxonomy of your data is critical to its retrieval and use.
  • Enriching Product Content : Optimizing product messaging through high-quality writing and advertising modalities is key to your sales.
  • Improve Data Quality : Making your product data clearer, safer, and primed for transmission is central to our process.
  • Curate Multiple Data Catalogs : Not every product belongs in the same central catalog. We organize diverse products appropriately according to your needs.

Distribution to Channels

Finally, all this work will accomplish very little on the sales end without broad distribution to an optimal amount of demographic and geo-located range of channels. This is how your customers get acquainted with your product.

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