Product Descriptions: An Effective Tool for Ecommerce SEO

February 05, 2019 posted by VANI

If you are involved in the ecommerce industry, then you are likely to be aware of terms such as optimization, bounce rate, and keyword density. Having a clear idea of how to optimize ecommerce product descriptions will not only help you to generate the desired level of traffic but also stay ahead of your competitors. Here are some ways in which you can create perfect product descriptions for your website.

Product descriptions an effective tool for ecommerce seo VINIEO PIM

Perform Keyword Research and Utilize Keywords in Your Title Tags

What terms are being used by your customers? Start by performing keyword research for the products you deal in. You can make use of SEO tools like Google's AdWord Keyword Planner. It is really useful as Google comprises 65% of all searches made on the internet. As you check the results, focus on term relevancy, trends, search volume, and forecasts.

After you have performed research, use the keywords in your title tags and product information. To ensure that your website has a good ranking on Google search, you will need to ensure that you target keywords which are widely searched for in the title and URLs.

Add Customer Reviews

In case you haven't added customer reviews to product pages, make it a point to do so now. Customer reviews are ideal for using your keywords organically. Google gives precedence to websites which add fresh content on a regular basis. It can help in enhancing the credibility of your website. As visitors to your site come across these product reviews, they are more likely to purchase something. Studies have shown that product pages with customer reviews convert 58% more and boost revenue per visit by 62%.

Create Unique Product Descriptions

One common mistake that most website owners make is copying product information from other websites. Your site will get penalized if it has plagiarized product descriptions. When Google or any other search engine crawls the content, they will find it is duplicate and either ignore it or not accept it. Rather than using duplicate product descriptions, think about how you can use your product descriptions to make your website stand out. Use relevant keywords to create attractive product content which draws the attention of visitors.

Optimize your Website for Mobiles

These days, most people use mobiles to search for anything which is important to them. In fact, 30% of e-commerce sales in US are done through mobiles. If you don't optimize your website for mobiles, then it's similar to keeping your store closed for an entire day in a week. Since mobile is a vital part of our day to day lives, it is essential to optimize your e-commerce website for mobiles. It will enhance the quality of your customer service and also help you to achieve the long-term goals of your SEO campaign.

The quality of product descriptions that you have on your website can make or break a visitor's perception of your site. By following the steps mentioned above you can make sure that you are able to handle ecommerce content management system in an effective manner.

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