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October 23, 2018 posted by VANI

In a B2B sales scenario, when a sales rep walks into the cabin of the Purchase Manager, he would definitely be carrying his company's' sales catalog. Till yesteryears this used to be a printed copy of the products, mentioning the specifications, price, dimensions and other features required for the Purchase Manager to make a decision. With the advent of technology and popularity of inside sales, the printed catalogues made way for pdfs'. During or after the discussion, the pdf document was e-mailed to the prospective buyer. Despite being a digital format document, as the number of products increased, the size

Power your sales rep with instant personalized catalog creation VINIEO PIM

of the document also enlarged, thus making it difficult to download, open and browse through.

When the e-commerce was mushrooming, the trend of a B2B sale was also changing with 94% of companies that buy, first searching for the information online. It would be surprising to know that 68% of them are regular online buyers! A paradigm shift in the B2B sales is being witnessed now. Previously the relationship established between the sales rep and the purchase manager converted to sales. Now it's convenience and information that's selling. To keep up with changing times, the catalog has once again undergone a transformation.

Now it's the era of online catalogs wherein a web link can be shared with the buyer and he can browse through the products, understand the specifications, chat with products experts (if required) in real time and decide which product would suit his need and place the order instantly. What's more? With advanced tracking and analytics, the browsing pattern of the buyer can be categorized and a customized catalog with products that would suit his requirement can be displayed thus increasing the scope of a sale. With this data and proper product placement by expert UI/UX designers, up-selling and cross-selling have become easy.

Ben Friedman has said that "(sales) prospecting is finding the man with the problem". When you are able to provide an instant catalog to your prospective buyer, with real-time product data using a PIM system (Product Information Management) he would be impressed with the offerings of your company! This would prompt him to buy more, as you are providing him with a seamless customer experience.

Technology is here and it's the future too. By not exploring the possibilities and being old school will only prove futile. An onetime largest camera film making company, Kodak had to shut down only because they did not adapt to digital cameras. So shift to online cataloging and increase your sales by making your sales rep efficient.

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