Manufacturing: Here's What No One Tells You About Customer Experience Challenges In Retail Revolution Era

November 27, 2018 posted by VANI

It is said that "Change is the only constant". The adaptability to those changes is what makes one survive in diverse situations and circumstances. At present, the world is adapting to technology and modernisation with every sector trying to make the best use of it. To formulate a better future and to enhance customer engagement, companies are bringing in digital experience to entice the customers and every industry is working towards building a healthy customer experience.

Manufacturing heres what no one tells you about customer experience challenges in retail revolution era VINIEO PIM

The retail industry could not have been left far behind in context to the adaptation of technology in terms of customer experience strategy. There is a paradigm shift in retail and it can't be missed. The customer experience challenges in the retail revolution era are enormous like

  • Online comparison of products and prices

  • Free doorstep delivery

  • Time saving and no waiting in long queues

  • Variety in any product

  • Availability of diverse products

If we talk about the manufacturing industry, this is the sector which engages in the transformation of raw materials and goods into finished products. The manufacturing industry also took a turn by involving technology into their sector but was focusing only in the manufacturing processes. They were facing challenges in putting up with the best customer experience which the retail industry has delivered. With more insights than before, the manufacturing sector is also setting up customer experience strategies and is working towards establishing a long term relationship with its customers by:

  • Recognising the need of the customer

The only setback of the manufacturing industry is that some manufacturers still believe in the pre-digital era. They do not have online sites and digital marketing platforms to make their products reach out to the customers. Customer reviews and feedbacks are important for the manufacturing industry to prosper and hence digitalising their platform is important.

  • Track the inventory through technology

Track the delivery of the order from one place to another without the hassle of keeping an eye on the product manually or by self delivering it to the doorstep. This way the manufacturer and the customer can keep a track of their products just with a click.

  • Imbibing Customer centric approach

The customer knows what is best for them and would need a detail specification of the product along with other aspects and features. The manufactures can represent their products via videos and photographs with elaborative information to help the customer know about the respective product better and help them make the right decision.

  • Customer experience strategy through the customisation of products

The manufacturers are often requested by customers to customise products according to their requirement. All this is great for building a relationship with their customers and connect to them on a much broader level, both emotionally and personally.

  • Free delivery without a fuss

The manufacturing companies can now promise to deliver products to each doorstep and there is no need to transfer the product from one place to another like in the distribution model used before modern logistics came into use. The free installation is a bonus that they cater to. Customer satisfaction is what the manufacturing industry is up for.

This would build up trust among both the manufacturers and the customers, thus increasing the profit margins and cutting down the skyrocketing expenses.

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