Importance of Arabic Language Digital Marketing

March 30, 2019 posted by VANI

We humans are remarkable, intelligent and complex beings. What makes us unique is our ability to connect with one and other. The power to express ourselves or to communicate nonverbally is probably the biggest advantage we have - this shows our emotional side, where we have the capability to understand another without saying a word. In the realm of digital marketing however, this power has to be translated to a few million people and that's where words and languages play a major role.

Importance of arabic language digital marketing VINIEO PIM

Get Close to your Target Audience

The need to market bilingually in the Middle East is seen as a huge need where more and more businesses are making efforts to have a wider reach within the country. What works best here is language proficiency. An online survey found that 75% of online shoppers prefer to buy products in local languages, they also found that 30% of the 3,000 shoppers interviewed never buy from English-only websites. A country where the internet penetration and smart phone usage is the highest, and 60% of the population under the age of 25; businesses need to pay attention to their audience and communicate in a way that will be understood by the masses. Audiences too, appreciate when companies take that effort with their marketing strategies to reach out - a feeling that you speak their language will create brand loyalty and trust.

Benefits of Bilingual Marketing:

  • The bicultural bonus : Research shows that people who know English and Arabic are better at interpreting another person's intentions. This makes them more understanding and empathetic.

  • Opens up more markets : A Swiss study noted that multilingualism is estimated to contribute 10 percent of Switzerland's GDP, proving that language skills open up more markets, greatly benefiting the economy as a whole. The same can be applied to the Middle East, where addressing to the locals in their language will improve interaction, thus allowing access to more markets.

  • The human touch : Creating content in the Arabic language can help you connect with more customers. Using anecdotes and slangs which the local population will understand creates a bond that cannot be mimicked by Google or any AI. This is an effective tactic to get the attention of people in the region.

  • Brand loyalty and increase in sales : Ad's in Arabic will create trust and loyalty within the locals to the brand. They will begin to identify the brands as reliable and personal - this will make them invest more in the brand and thus increase the sales of the business.

Bilingual is Better

Communicating in Arabic and English opens markets and cultures. With an EPI (English Profiency Index) ranking of #88 for Saudi Arabia, and an EPI of #71 for the UAE, indicates the English proficiency in these countries are meagre. With only 1% content in Arabic, businesses need to start using both languages in their marketing efforts. People who aren't proficient in English are the actual driving force of an economy, and if their needs are not met, who is the business really catering to?

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