If You Don't Have All Your Product Content In One Place, You Are Missing Out on Sales

July 16, 2018 posted by Vani

It's not just the technology that is evolving at a faster rate. Consumers and Users are, too! Today's buyers are informed and have the abilities to take substantial decisions. They demand precise and rich content and if your e-commerce business lacks a product information management system, you are missing out on a huge volume of sales.

Don't believe? Here are reasons why!

VINIEO If you dont have all your product content in one place, you are missing out on sales

Makes Decision Making Easier

The more your customers know about their products and the concerns they solve, the quicker their purchase will be. That's why you need to work on creating a pool of centralized data that has all the necessary customer-ready information on products available for decision making. When you have put in efforts to make products information accessible to your customers, you would see them adding them to carts and checking out.

Convenient To Push Multi-Channel Sales

Customers need not buy products from the first website they visit. They could see your product on Amazon, move to its competitor to compare prices, come back to your website to find shipping deals and finally use their apps to apply coupon codes. Catalog management thus becomes crucial at situations like these as you don't want to create an impression of deception among your customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

70% of consumers looking for a product on a new website or portal would go ahead and make a purchase if they see precise product information. This move not only establishes credibility for your brand or business but shows but builds brand recall value and loyalty as well.

Apart from these, proper product information management also paves way for repeat orders, better liaision with vendors, business growth, seamless catalog updation and more. Like we mentioned, if you don't have all your product content in one place, you are missing out on sales.

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