A Guide To Gateways: How To Create Personalized Payment Options For Ecommerce Customers

August 11, 2017 posted by Vani

When it comes to B2C ecommerce solutions, flexibility is the name of the game. The better you appeal to a wide range of consumers, the easier it will be to attract a large and loyal pool of customers.

You should thus offer personalized service to each customer, and that begins by letting them pay for their purchases in the way most convenient to them. By tailoring your website ecommerce payments by customer, you speed up their shopping experiences and make them more likely to come back.

VINIEO vinieo how to create personalized payment options for ecommerce customers

Leveraging Different Ledgers:

The first step to personalizing customer payment options is to find a payment gateway that works with all the ledgers you plan to use. Such ledgers should include:

  • Credit & Debit Cards: Cards are the most common form of payment, which is why no ecommerce site should exclude them.
  • Store Credit: Whether as a reward for loyalty, compensation for returned items, or a way to take advantage of promotions, you may offer your customers store credit. Your gateway should let these customers hold that credit in individual accounts and pay for products with it.
  • Payroll Deductions: If your customers are other business, they may allow their employees to purchase items from your digital shopping site with money taken directly from your payroll. You can set up your site to accept payroll deductions.
  • Purchase Orders: These documents let customers list the items they want to buy, the total price, and their means of payment. If you put these on your site, you give customers flexibility to name other payment methods that you did not directly include.

Once you have chosen a gateway with the right ledgers, choose one ledger as your default payment - this should almost always be credit and debit cards. Then set the site up so that customers can create personalized accounts. Customers who create these accounts will then be able to use other ledgers as needed.

Prudent Payment Personalization

Once you've authorized customers to create accounts and use multiple ledgers, the next step is to include payment features that simplify and enhance the payment experience. These can include:

  • Credit Countdowns: For customers with credit, you can have the site list the amount of credit they have and count down as they make purchases. When they run out of credit, the site will revert to its default payment method.
  • Supervisor Authorization: If your customers are businesses that let their employees order through company accounts, you can require managers to sign off on certain purchases. Employees who buy items using company credit, for example, may need a supervisor's approval, while those using personal cards or payroll deductions can do so without limit.
  • Product Personalization: Depending on what you sell, you may want to authorize certain payment ledgers only for particular products. Store credit, for example, may apply to items in your ordinary consumer product catalog, but not for rare or time-sensitive items.

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