How These 5 Customer Engagement And Retention Technologies Will Change Your Business

November 30, 2018 posted by VANI

Each Company is busy being the best among many and in order to secure that place, the brand needs to come up with new customer engagement strategies, innovative ideas that could engage the target audience. The pre-digital age had different set of challenges to tackle, but with the revolution in technology and by welcoming globalisation, the companies have taken part in the race among the very best.

Drawing new audiences exclusively to a particular brand is a way to flourish your business but retaining customers

How these 5 customer engagement and retention technologies will change your business VINIEO PIM

is a different game altogether. Engaging customers to a particular webpage is the present deal. The gap between the customer and the company is narrowed down with the emergence of technology in business. Companies are using various customer engagement and retention technologies to try and be the best. Here are some latest technologies that the companies use:

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    Augmented reality is a virtual representation or computer imagery of a user's view that is illustrated in the real world. Merging the virtual with real. The technology is such which detects your location and creates a virtual world. Just like watching a slideshow that has the constant background. Here the background is the real word and the changing slideshow depicts the virtual world.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial Intelligence is the future of business and it is already reducing human efforts but soon would be moderating human resources as well. There would be a time when AI would not just be suggesting alterations but taking up decisions and implementing them.

  • Voice-Computer Interfacing

    There are many companies which are already using voice computer interfacing. They detect human voice, recognises it and acts accordingly. With the introduction of smart homes, voice computer interface would be appropriate to set up a better picture for a better future.

  • E-book or E-News

    The foremost point would be; we don't want to run out of our natural resources, so E-book and E-news instead of using printed papers is a better option. It is a genius way to save the environment but it is also more feasible for the people who carry a smartphone in their hand throughout the day to read.

  • Security through biometric

    Companies have come up with a brilliant plans to involve security with technology. A biometric fingerprint lock is what the world needed. No codes and no magnetic cards, just a fingerprint and your possessions are secured.

Customer Engagement and retention technologies are continuously changing and there is no stopping from here for the companies. The masterminds are up for the race and there are some really amazing technology advancements that are awaited in the future, which we await to see..

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