Five Digital Marketing Strategies that work in the Middle East

April 12, 2019 posted by VANI

The Middle East region has become a thriving market for various businesses. The region is constantly evolving and following up on global trends like social media, fashion and lifestyle, ecommerce etc. The contribution of the internet and smart phones have made the people explore the reach of technology. It is clear now that businesses have also started utilizing the digital space for branding and marketing. Experts say, the Middle East is a Consumer-Driven Market, know what approach is beneficial for marketing businesses in the Middle East.

Five digital marketing strategies that work in the middle east VINIEO PIM

Digital Marketing strategies to swear by in the Middle East

Social Media Marketing: Statistics indicate that about half of the population living in the Middle East constitutes of people under the age of 25. With smart phone dominance and amazing internet reception prevailing in the region, the occurrence of massive divergence among the young population or Netizens is common. They are naturally attracted to social media, and hence provides a great opportunity for a company to market and brand itself organically, with the help of various social media platforms.

Content Marketing: As accorded with the business culture of the Middle East, trust is the base of any relationship. There, people believe in maintaining long-term professional relations. The companies that wishes to become a brand, aces their Content Marketing strategy. A quality rich media content is highly appreciated in the region, whether through email marketing that adds personalization to the campaign or even blogging.

Influencer Marketing: People in the Middle East are much more attracted towards a known figure or voice that they know. While social media and content marketing can help promote your brand, getting an influencer, a celebrity or a leader to endorse your brand will add more value to it and garner more sales. According to reports, when Vodafone wanted to beat their competitors in the Egyptian market, they did it with the help of Mo Salah. This strategy will be incredibly effective to draw people or their followers to your website.

E-commerce Marketing: E-commerce is a powerful tool in the Middle Eastern market. While the Middle Eastern market is leaning towards global trends like fashion, lifestyle and beauty, e-commerce platforms have grown to be the most widely used websites in the region. According to some reports in 2012, there were over 30 million people shopping online in the Middle East, with a hike of 20% from 2011. These platforms are great for spreading awareness about your business.

Local Search: Generally the people residing in this region search products or services locally, i.e in and around the vicinity of the place. A great digital marketing strategy that the entire world abides by is SEO, Adwords, Keywords, Meta Tags etc. This is a great way to market your product locally and drive traffic to your website. It is a popular and effective way of spreading brand awareness and big companies spend up to $50 million per year on paid search in Google Ads and analytics. The small business spends anywhere between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on Google search campaigns.

All these strategies can be put to use if you are well aware of the digital marketing landscape of the region as it keeps changing as per the demand of the market.

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