Everything You Wanted to Know About the Customer Journey Map for Business Success

November 24, 2018 posted by VANI

In a selling process, cordial relationship between the buyer and the seller is of utmost importance.

In order to gain trust, the company should make efforts to make the customer's journey easy and smooth and to let them access your interface smoothly, the company needs to eliminate several obstructions and hurdles. The perspective of the customer is known to a company through its Customer Journey Mapping.

Everything you wanted to know about the customer journey map for business success VINIEO PIM

What exactly is customer Journey mapping?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of a customer's experience, with the brand that is framed and met by touchpoints. 'Touchpoints' are channels through which the customers reach out to the brand. There are several touchpoints on a website and it signifies the arrival of a customer to the page. The company is responsible to design a sound customer journey for it's consumers. There are about 5 components in a customer Journey Map, like:

  • Sign-up or Registeration

Registering on a website, downloading a catalogue or any interaction with the brand is the first touchpoint. The journey of a customer with the company initiates from this point.

  • Building trust over the brand

Now that the customer has interacted with the brand, the company needs to build up trust and continue engaging them through the touch points i.e. customer engagement. Holding onto your potential customers is a skill and is only acquired with time.

  • Survey and Feedback

Knowing about the customer experience through a survey or feedback is always a good option for the company to work on its glitches. The suggestions by the customer are valued and implications of those can bring smiles to the faces of the customers. This brings appreciation from the customers and they consider themselves part of the company. The industrial giants never overlook a feedback of a customer.

  • Amendments and Rectifications

Lately, the companies are more inclined to listen to their customers and make amendments for delivering incorrect or damaged products. The needful actions are taken immediately. In case of a problem from their end, the companies believe in easy replacements and doorstep takeaways.

  • Gamification/Loyalty Points

Gamification and loyalty points are implemented by companies to improve customer loyalty. By using various strategies that engage the customers and establishes brand recall, they map the customer journey and build a loyalty pyramid. Usage of loyalty points has been an established technique of customer retention when planned and exceuted properly.

To sum it up. There are innumerable benefits of Customer Journey Mapping, you connect to the customer on a more personal level to apprehend their problems thus improving the sales cycle by unifying different channels and delivering accurate information, directing customers to reliable data even records.

It's imperative to provide a seamless experience to your customers and mapping their journey is the first step in achieving this. As the saying goes, if you don't take care of your customers, remember that your competitors will!

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