Essential Factors To Consider Before Moving Your B2B Business Online

June 23, 2018 posted by Vani

B2B and B2C are two bipolar in nature in terms of their functionality and technicality. But with the rise of the ecommerce experience, businesses are truly resorting to 'checkout' business and brands before going ahead with a deal.

Though drawing a common thread between the two and ensuring that your B2B venture fetches the same amount of recognition, visibility and business like your offline business model is difficult, it is not impossible.

VINIEO Essential factors to consider before moving your b2b business online

You have to ask the right questions before you move your B2B venture online. To help you have a seamless transition, here are some essential factors to consider before moving your B2B business online.

The Importance of Website and Its Functionality

With B2C, customers have an idea about a product or a service they intend to go for. So not too much consideration is required to make a purchase! But with B2B, the case is completely different. New visitors have zero exposure to your business or brand and have to learn about your service from scratch.

So the major focus on your B2B online sales has to be your business pitch. Your website should have ideal content placed at the right touchpoints to convey the brand message for them to know all about you.

Online Catalogues and Pricing

This is the second stage. Only when they know something about you and are convinced that potential leads would go to check out your prices. While transitioning, you need to project your services like catalogues, formulate pricing strategies and decide if you have to disclose the pricing. You may or may not lose leads when you disclose your pricing and that depends on your decision and niche of business.

Optimized Sales Force

B2B relationships are born out of extra-mile services and goodwill. A couple of meetings are inevitable for prospects to make a deal. With B2B online, it's difficult. So your sales team has to unlearn conventional methods and relearn new things like nurturing leads, extending timely support and work on newer opportunities to bring out the best projected image of your venture.

Product Information Management Systems (PIM)

Online ventures should have answers to all probable questions customers are likely to ask. This includes shipping duration, pricing, availability, reviews/testimonies and more. In such cases, your venture should also have a Product Information Management system in place. Having one also complements in facilitating an omni-channel consumer experience.

The effectiveness of this model and the time taken for it can vary from industry to industry. Ultimately, it is your call on how you intend to take your venture online and when. These questions should definitely help you take the call.

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