Digitise Product Content Through PIM Catalog

January 09, 2019 posted by VANI

Over the last few years, there was a rumour doing rounds that catalogs were a passe. Yet, things have become pretty clear. Catalogs are not obsolete. PIM solutions enable retailers to integrate different channels, gather and manage data required for understanding customers and the manner in which they prefer shopping. This article focuses on the importance of catalog management in the digital age-

Digitise product content through PIM catalog VINIEO

Centralization of product supplier data

PIM developers are providing suppliers with access to a platform using which allows them to scale content for catalogs of retailers. Through the use of a product information management(PIM)system, item setup, and feature-rich media capabilities the platform allows a firm to centralize product data of suppliers which can be used across different websites, ERP systems and print catalogues between business associates.

Connecting channels

Catalogs are playing a major role in multichannel marketing. Apart from usage in direct sales, they are utilized as 'valets' which guide buyers to digital sales channels. The goal is to enable your buyers to involve your customers into hassle-free ways of purchasing. Catalog publishing can be a major tool for driving customers online. Aggregation, management, and viewing of all product and interlinked master data via one central repository is the base of any multichannel strategy.

Complement brand experience

Catalogs have traditionally been used for consumer and brand experience. Catalog strategies that concentrate on drawing buyers through unique visuals and ideas help in enhancing brand experience. Bed Bath & Beyond creates catalogues through the use of unique room settings and includes items that are not available in their physical stores. This creates a high level of excitement for customers who get such a catalog.

Focus on analyzing results and consumers

Calculating ROI of catalog campaigns can be a tough task. Many people track performance on the basis of response analysis which offers a limited view of effectiveness. To get a clear picture and make the necessary changes, retailers need to understand their customers and the way they interact across different touch points

Having a clear knowledge of your customer will enable you to share the right content to the appropriate channel at the correct time. Using PIM catalogues can help businesses to find the link between product, buyers etc. therefore enabling them to analyze results, develop customer relationships and boost ROI.

Create rich, consistent product details

A well managed product catalog must contain quality data. You need to ensure that your product details are valuable for visitors. For instance, if you are selling shoes, then your products need to have a color attribute even if they are offered by the suppliers. Once you have relevant data, you can create a memorable omnichannel experience across your various sales channels.

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