Break Through Content Clutter Once and For All

August 23, 2017 posted by Vani

According to ACI, your customers are bombarded with a choice of more than 5 exabytes of NEW data every day online. Your competition does not have to be in your industry to take your audience from you - noise is enough to distract a prospect from converting.

Breaking through this clutter is essential to your business, and will only become more important over time. Here are some easy tips that you can implement today.

VINIEO Break through content clutter once and for all

Rich Product Content

Ubiquity is not your goal. Quality is your goal, and you can start with the product descriptions people find in search results and in your advertisements. Link and strengthen your product descriptions by modifying them slightly around the same long tail keyword themes. Localize your entries for even more precision and describe your product using ancillary keywords.

Engage Through a Value Add

Your product descriptions should lead your prospects down the sales funnel to your digital assets of enrichment - podcasts, social videos, infographics, how-to articles. Do not try to sell a product. Your job now is to brand your company as an expert in your field. You are looking for "the turnaround" - the moment that your customer links your brand to solutions so closely that she thinks buying from you was her idea.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Changing your marketing campaign every three months to accommodate a new content management strategy is the worst thing you can do. However, avoiding successful marketing trends is the second worst thing. Incorporate the latest looks, fonts and funnels into your rock solid keyword strategy. By staying ahead of trends in this way, you update your sites on a consistent basis while maintaining your core message.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

You want people talking about your products on review sites, on industry message boards and within offline social circles. One of the best ways to create online buzz is through offline content. People love original content, and new customers will be much more attracted to pictures of your local PR events than they will be to another stock image from Flickr. Get your executives smiling with your customers and promote those pictures everywhere!

Multichannel/Omnichannel Marketing

Everything mentioned up until this point was about precision. You are not trying to fight five exabytes of information - you are honing in on your audience so precisely that they find you first, stick with you, and ignore everything else. Without losing your central themes or precision targeting, expand your marketing distribution into as many mediums as you can. Focus on content that does not need to be replenished often. For instance, a free how to eBook gives you an added point of contact that can be used for years - no extra manpower required on your part after initial production.

As the Internet gets bigger, your marketing should become more precise. Follow the tips above to keep people zeroed in on your content. Create loyalty through unique, strong marketing that is not obnoxious. People will search you out instead of becoming lost in the clutter.