5 Ways to Ensure that you have a Unique, in Demand Product Selection

March 21, 2019 posted by VANI

In a world where, for every unique product there are five other replicas selling at half the price of the original, it's quite hard to make your product stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately very few businesses sell one-of-a-kind products, and are able to sustain by themselves. Brands have to work hard to find that one component that sets them apart from the rest and to have successful sales efforts is their USP.

5 Ways to ensure that you have a unique in demand product selection VINIEO PIM

To Begin With:

Once the USP is identified, the next step is to be committed to the product and find out whether it is a success or failure. According to 'entrepreneur.com', a brand needs to figure out the answers to the below questions, to begin their product selection:

  • What are the type of products you like to buy, consume and enjoy owning?

  • Does the product you're willing to sell, make you happy?

  • Are you excited and enthusiastic about this product you're about to launch?

  • How likely are you to buy and use the product yourself?

  • Would you recommend your product to your relatives and acquaintances?

  • Do you think your product would sustain in the market for 10 years?

  • Do you see a need for this product in the marketplace?

This is essential for a brand to analyse their product as a consumer and make alterations based on their analysis. This provides the necessary 'reality-check' and can leave owners disappointed and demotivated. But fret not, once you get past this stage, your perception about your product will take a turn for the better.

The 3 E's of Product Selection:

Dummies.com says there are 3 E's of product selection that will further help you understand and grow your business : Experience, Education and Enthusiasm.

  • Experience : One of the key factors to understand your product is to have experience with it. The more you know, the higher the chances of it being successful.

  • Education : Product knowledge is of utmost importance, especially in a consumer driven market. The more you know, the more you can educate the consumer.

  • Enthusiasm : This quote explains this perfectly - "You can have the experience and use education to fill in the blanks, but if you aren't enthusiastic about the product,selling that product simply won't work."

The Big 5

Once the brand recognises the product's pro's and con's, it's time to put the product on to your online store. We have listed out 5 ways to get customers to buy from your online platform with your unique product selection:

  • Prepare clear and appropriate descriptions for the products you offer : Product descriptions are as important as the product itself. Use words that are easy to understand, this will avoid misunderstandings about the product. Industry jargons and technical terminology should be avoided.

  • Offer discounts and deals : Consumers love good deals and discounts, especially if it is a newly launched product, the probability of them buying it will be higher if they see they are getting more than they asked for.

  • Advertise online : Advertise where most people spend their time - online! Google's Adwords are a tried and tested method, but nowadays Facebook ad's and Instagram ad's are also other ways of driving sales.

  • Lauch a website and get on social media : Any new product or service will have a dedicated website and will have their dedicated page on social media. This is a must if you want brand recognition and recall with your customers.

  • Be reachable : Once your product is out in the market, it is pertinent that consumers are able to reach out to you in case of queries. Social media makes this possible where getting in touch with consumers are made easy through messages, videos, blogs etc. The more the brand is reachable, the more trust and loyalty is formed at the consumers end.

In Conclusion

There are several products and services in the market these days. Brands have to be on top of their game if they want to be successful and unique. Hope our blog has answered all questions and provided you with a new outlook and direction with your product.

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