4 Smart Ways to Write SEO Friendly Content for a Product Page

February 01, 2019 posted by VANI

A good e-commerce product page draws the attention of visitors and makes them try the brands it is offering. However many ecommerce companies feel that equipping a product page with high-resolution images with lengthy product descriptions of each product is enough. But there are some other areas to which you need to pay attention to for generating interest among prospective buyers. Here are some smart ways in which you can create SEO friendly content for your product page-

4 smart ways to write seo friendly content for a product page VINIEO PIM

You Need to Give Importance to Product URLs

Optimization of product URLs is something which many e-commerce websites tend to overlook. Ignoring this aspect will have a negative impact on your click-through-rate (CTR). There are innumerable choices for a buyer to choose from the online sellers. One thing which you need to understand is that SEO-friendly URLs can not only help in enhancing your SERP rankings but also answer queries of customers. A product URL needs to clearly signify where the user will land after he clicks it. It needs to be related to his search query.

Pay Attention to Product Titles

To ensure that you have rich product data, you need to ensure that your title is catchy. Product pages with eye-catching titles can significantly increase the number of clicks. For instance, you are searching for "chartered accountant" and come across a title with different keywords that have the same meaning. Compare it with another web page which has correct keywords which you can easily understand. Which one would you go for? Definitely, the first since it has a clear message.

While writing product content, you need to pay attention to titles since they are important for both SEO as well as target audience. Ensure that the title of the page is interesting, relevant and offers a clear message within 65 characters.

Write Product Descriptions Uniquely

The product information offered by product descriptions is important in two ways. It helps SEO campaigns. The presence of relevant, keyword-centric descriptions of your products can improve your SERP rankings. The ones which are written with innovation attract visitors and encourages them to try the products offered by the e-commerce website.

Make Use of Customer Reviews

Companies involved in the e-commerce industry have two views related to customer reviews. The first view is that there should not be any review section in a product page as most people don't write reviews. The presence of an empty review page is unpleasant. The other view is that a product page should have a review section as it will offer some unique content to the product page. However, experts feel that no one of the two views is the correct way to use reviews. They feel that e-commerce companies should gamify reviews in a manner which encourages customers to leave their reviews on various product pages of a website.

Once you adopt the steps which are mentioned above as a part of your ecommerce content management handling process, you will notice a considerable improvement in your SERP rankings but conversions as well.

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