10 Ways To Create A Seamless Customer Experience - Part 1/2

September 20, 2018 posted by VANI

Owing to the increasing competition in the e-commerce segment, focusing on the customer experience is no longer a choice for the sellers but a necessity. To take care of the customer retention alongside attracting the new ones, the sellers have to adopt a customer-centric approach. Delivering a seamless customer experience not only enhances the probability of a customer purchasing the product he's viewed, but also return to buy from the same seller.

Here are ten ways in which companies can deliver exceptional customer experience.


Clear Communication

Since the purchase happens online with the customer seeing the product only on a screen, there could be confusion on the product suiting the intent. This could lead to confusion and a possible drop in sales. A crisp and clear communication about the product that grabs the attention of the viewer can help make the difference.

Broadcasting the latest product information always

One of the many ways to promote a seamless customer experience is by taking care of their catalog management process. It enables all the suppliers to broadcast the correct product information on all channels in the desired buyer's format only. Even if there is a change in the product information, such as the product price, it is changed on a real-time basis, making work easier for everyone.

Detailed Product Description

If a company has several hundreds of products to account for, like the e-commerce stores, then the product information management system can simplify the work in a considerably lesser time-frame. It will save time and will also promote error-free work. Moreover, it will also help the marketing professionals to collect enriched data and distribute the same in all the multichannel streams.

Managing rich content

Often the companies find it challenging to create and maintain rich content on their own. With the PIM system in use, the companies cannot only create rich content but can also organize, categorize, synchronize, localize, and enrich the rich content. A lot of people consider that there is no relation between rich data management and better customer experience, which is not the case. In fact, according to a research done by the Ventana Research, approximately 61% of organizations agreed that rich content management helped them in improving their customer experience.

Quick access to insightful analytics

Wouldn't it be helpful if you can get data-driven insights with a single click a few minutes before the meeting? It is bliss for a lot of professionals as it saves much of their time that would have otherwise been spent on manually retrieving and analyzing the data. What's more? The insights are available for each analytical processes starting from the category assessment to the product placement. Such quick details are pretty much helpful while designing a new strategy or taking some other significant decisions.

Omnichannel commerce is boosted by leaps and bounds

The success of omnichannel commerce and a smooth customer journey are directly proportional to one another. Hence to enable a better omnichannel commerce process, we have designed an intuitive system that can help in both establishing and maintaining a robust brand awareness among the existing and prospective customers. Our cloud-based platform will not only aid the proper brand management process but will also improve the customer experience through a seamless customer engagement process.

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